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Questions about nixie clock
Can I connect German DCF77 receiver to nixie clock development board?
No, board doesn't support DCF77 protocol. You can connect GPS receiver instead.

Which GPS receiver can I connect to nixie clock development board?
Almost any GPS receiver with RS232 interface should fit. For example HAICOM HI-203E. Just make sure that receiver is compatible with NMEA-0183 protocol and has RS232 interface (RS232 levels).
Nixie clock's firmware automatically detects GPS receiver and synchronizes time and date.

Where I can find a suitable enclosure for your clock kit?
We do not make enclosures for our kits, we specialize on electronics. However a carefully designed, high quality enclosures may be obtained from NUMINEX ( We are not affiliated with them, so contact them for availability and pricing.

Questions about payment
How can I pay for the items?
You can pay by bank wire transfer, paypal or send money order by mail.

Do you accept cash by mail?
It is not safe way to pay, so I don't accept cash by mail. Neither by registered mail nor well hidden.

Questions about purchase
How I can purchase items from this website?
Please use "contact us" form and let us know what do you want to purchase. We will send you an invoice including shipping charge as soon as possible.

Questions about shipping
Are you able to ship worldwide?
We will gladly ship these items for the kind people from any country worldwide.

How fast can I expect delivery of my order?
Packages are dispatched via registered international air-mail, unless asked other. Delivery time within Europe: 3-5 business days, Worldwide (Americas, Asia, Australia, etc) up to 10 business days.
Sometimes, especially before christmas and easter, when postal services are heavily loaded, parcel may arrive with delay.

Where are you located?
We are located in Lithuania (European Union).
Click here to find more about Lithuania.

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