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Dear visitor,

This webpage is for designers, collectors and for all people who are interested in gas discharge readout tubes, such as nixie tubes, dekatrons and other devices which were used in numerical displays. From the early 1950's to the 1970's Nixie tubes were the dominant display service. Later they were supplanted by LED displays and are quite rare today! They found their way into everything from test equipment over early computers to aerospace and submarines or the display of the New York stock exchange. Over recent years their popularity has increased dramatically due to their unusual appearance and historical value. In essence they are like miniature neon signs with a warm, comforting orange/violet glow. Nixie clocks have become very popular as a way to bring these devices 'out of the dark'.

Here are listed tubes, manufactured mainly in Russia and in small quantities still available here, in eastern Europe.
This page is not intended for commercial trading in large amounts, rather it is like a hobby project to make these rare devices available for hobbyists and collectors all over the world.

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